About Us

We’re two buddies, Adam Yates and Hal Grant. We come from absolutely different worlds, but our passion for saxophones brought us together and kick-started this friendship that led to the creation of this website.

Adam is a mechanical engineer with insatiable curiosity and Hal is an economist with a taste for the artistic side of life. That’s why Adam handles the hardware, easily being able to distinguish between a good sax and one that may not endure. He’s also quite dextrous and detail-oriented, which is how he finds all the accessories and add-ons that improve a player’s experience with the sax.

On the other hand, Hal is gifted with an ability to translate notes and is quite fluent in the language of music-playing. He’s the go-to guy when it comes to tutorials, tips, tricks, and giving a final verdict regarding the sound of a sax. Not to mention, he’s a thrifty shopper, so he’ll always come up with the best deals on any of the high-quality products Adam finds.

And together, we’re here to spread all our knowledge regarding saxophones with other enthusiasts on the internet! With buying guides, how-to articles, and comparisons between various products, just like Konitz, Stan Getz, and Stitt, there’s pretty much nothing we won’t cover!

Adam Yates
Hal Grant