Yamaha 4C vs. 5C: Extensive Comparison

Yamaha is undisputedly a great musical company with myriad instruments, accessories, and add-ons. And two of the most popular accessories they sell are the 4C and 5C mouthpieces. So, what’s the difference between the two mouthpieces? And which one should you choose between the Yamaha 4C vs. 5C? Let’s delve into their details to find … Read more

Yamaha YAS-480 vs. YAS-62

Yamaha YAS-480 vs. YAS-62

Yamaha YAS-480 vs. YAS-62: Summary The shortest answer to the difference between the Yamaha YAS-480 and YAS-62 is that the first is an intermediate saxophone while the latter is a professional one. So, if you’re willing to pay extra and you’ve already mastered the sax to a high degree, the Yamaha YAS-62 could be the … Read more

Vandoren T20 vs. T25: A Detailed Comparison

Vandoren T20 vs. T25

Whether you opt for the Vandoren T20 or T25, you’ll be playing a reed from the V5 line, and the T one is a specific variant, which is a mouthpiece line dedicated for tenor saxophones. Generally speaking, the Vandoren V5 line comes in a wide range of models that suit both jazz and classical music, … Read more

Yamaha YAS-23 vs. YAS-26: Head-to-Head Comparison

Yamaha YAS-23 vs. YAS-26

Picking between the Yamaha YAS-26 vs. the YAS-23 might seem a bit daunting, given that the former is an improved version of the latter. Still, we’ve taken the time to scrutinize both horns and really focus on the differences -however slight- that could help you choose one or the other. Without further ado, let’s delve … Read more

Yamaha Yas 26 vs. Yas 280: Which One Wins?

Yamaha Yas 26 vs. Yas 280

If you’re stuck choosing between the Yamaha Yas 26 vs. Yas 280, we’ve all been there. The two are very solid student saxophone choices. Still, some differences between the two can make one or the other more suitable for you. In this article, we’ll draw a comparison between the two options to help you finalize … Read more

Metal vs. Hard Rubber Mouthpiece: Full Material Comparison

Metal vs. Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

Every saxophonist knows that the smallest differences can greatly affect the way the sax produces its music and tones, and the material of the mouthpiece definitely plays a role. When it comes to mouthpieces, you can find metal ones or hard rubber ones, which can sometimes be referred to as ebonite mouthpieces. Metal vs. Hard … Read more

Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds: Which is Better?

Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds

When it comes to reeds, the smallest details can make the biggest of differences. This includes being soft or hard, filed or unfiled, and of course, being made of plastic or wood. Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds: The Short Answer Firstly, let’s tackle the fact that they can also be referred to as synthetic and … Read more

Rico vs. Vandoren: Which Brand Should You Choose?

If you’re checking out these two popular reed brands, you must be having a hard time deciding between the Rico vs. Vandoren reeds. If that’s the case, you can rest assured that by the end of this article, you’ll have formed a better idea of the similarities and differences to help you reach a final … Read more

Vandoren Java Red vs. Green: The Full Guide

Vandoren Java Red vs. Green

Both the Java Red and Java Green reeds are jazz ones, which means they’re similar in that they have thicker tips and hearts than other types. If you’re looking for more projection and edge as well as more accentuated upper tones, either of them would serve you well. Does that mean that there’s no difference? … Read more

Fibracell vs. Legere: The Ultimate Comparison

Fibracell vs. Legere

Synthetic reeds are a nice alternative to cane ones as they spare you the need for maintenance, and you can skip looking through a whole box of them to find just the right one. Though you might miss out on a one-in-a-million excellent cane reed, you can rest assured about your reed’s consistency. Among the … Read more