Vandoren V12 vs. Traditional: The Ultimate Comparison

While reeds aren’t that expensive and perhaps not the first thing you’d think of when you’re shopping for a sax, but they’re an essential one, nonetheless.  The vibration of the reed against the mouthpiece can make a huge difference in the way a horn sounds, especially when you’re trying to capture the difference between classical … Read more

Selmer Bundy II vs. Yamaha YAS23 Extensive Comparison

Selmer Bundy II vs. Yamaha YAS23

When shopping for an alto student sax, there’s no way around stumbling upon the Selmer Bundy II and Yamaha YAS23 quite a lot, and with both being such good student horns, making a decision can be quite hard. In this article, I’ll go through all the differences that could help distinguish each instrument in certain … Read more

Vandoren AL3 vs. AL4: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing between different mouthpiece models is hard as it is, let alone choosing between the same model but in different sizes. Going after the Vandoren OPTIMUM series is a good idea, but which size should you opt for? This is exactly why I created this more detailed comparison between the AL3 vs. AL4; in order … Read more

Selmer AS300 vs. Yamaha YAS23: Full Comparison

Selmer AS300 vs. Yamaha YAS23

The Selmer AS300 and the Yamaha YAS23 are both excellent student saxophones, but most of us can’t really afford two different horns or even want to.  So, if you’re wondering whether you should opt for the well-established and high-quality Selmer AS300 or the diverse and durable Yamaha YAS23, keep on reading to find your best … Read more