Full Guide on Saxophone Repair Costs

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Saxophone

For those who play the saxophone, regular maintenance and occasional repairs are an inevitable part of keeping your instrument in top shape. But how much does it cost to fix a saxophone? Let’s dive into an overview of saxophone repair costs and why regular maintenance is important. How Much Does it Cost to Fix a … Read more

How to Double Tongue on Saxophone

How to Double Tongue on Saxophone

For saxophone players looking to add speed and agility to their playing, double tonguing is a valuable technique to master. It involves using the tongue to rapidly alternate between syllables while playing fast passages. Instead of relying solely on the single tonguing technique, which uses the syllable “ta” or “da,” double tonguing allows players to … Read more

Why are Saxophone Mouthpieces Plated?

Why Are Saxophone Mouthpieces Plated

As you may well know, the plating and finishing of a saxophone definitely has an impact on how the instrument sounds. Silver-plated ones have a higher-sounding pitch to them than gold-plated ones, but does the same apply for mouthpieces? The short answer is no. So, why would manufacturers bother plating mouthpieces and putting in that … Read more

Why Are Alto Saxophone MPCs So Expensive?

Why Are Alto Saxophone MPCs So Expensive

The thing is, saxophones in general are expensive, including their various sizes (mainly soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone), which is justified as they’re quite intricate instruments with many parts. Not only that, but a lot of the work that goes into their manufacturing is manual labor, which explains their prices. But what about mouthpieces? These, … Read more

Why Is My Saxophone So Sharp? [Full Guide]

Why Is My Saxophone So Sharp

If your saxophone is playing sharply, there could be a couple of things that need fixing. Most of the time, it has to do with the mouthpiece or reed placement, which is an easy fix. However, if you’ve exhausted all the combinations of mouthpiece-reed placements, you could start looking into the saxophone itself, the neck, … Read more

Why Is My Saxophone Out Of Tune? [Explained & Solved]

Why Is My Saxophone Out Of Tune

With the complexity of a saxophone’s anatomy, it’s only natural that you might run into hiccups with its maintenance and consistency. One of those hiccups is the instrument sounding out of tune, which could happen due to a couple of reasons, each with its own remedial measure. The 4 main things you should consider when … Read more

What Are Flavored Reeds For Alto Sax?

What Are Flavored Reeds For Alto Sax

Whether you’re a teacher that wants to encourage their students to play more sax through adding flavor to their reeds or a player that wants to practice for extended periods of time without having to tolerate the taste of cane, flavored reeds would be an excellent addition to your arsenal. On the market, the one … Read more

Why Is My Saxophone Only Playing High Notes?

Why Is My Saxophone Only Playing High Notes

As I always say, saxophones are complicated instruments with many parts operating together to give a final output. And despite this contributing to how marvelous they can sound, especially as the player gets more experiences, it’s also a part of why multiple things could go wrong. One of those things is when your horn suddenly … Read more

How Much Does An Alto Sax Weigh?

How much does an alto sax weigh

Knowing how much your saxophone weighs matters a lot when you travel a lot or play for extended periods of time. If you’re a traveling saxophonist, the weight will affect how easy it is to transport your playing equipment from one place to another, and if your playing sessions are long, it’ll affect how long … Read more

Why Does My Saxophone Sound Airy?

Why Does my Saxophone Sound Airy

Once as beautiful as saxophones are, twice as complicated. These instruments can have up to 600 parts, which gives you intricate control over their sound, but also makes them liable to face a lot of hiccups and issues. Some of these have to do with the sound of the sax coming out airy, spitty, squeaky, … Read more