What Are Flavored Reeds For Alto Sax?

What Are Flavored Reeds For Alto Sax

Whether you’re a teacher that wants to encourage their students to play more sax through adding flavor to their reeds or a player that wants to practice for extended periods of time without having to tolerate the taste of cane, flavored reeds would be an excellent addition to your arsenal. On the market, the one … Read more

How Much Does An Alto Sax Weigh?

How much does an alto sax weigh

Knowing how much your saxophone weighs matters a lot when you travel a lot or play for extended periods of time. If you’re a traveling saxophonist, the weight will affect how easy it is to transport your playing equipment from one place to another, and if your playing sessions are long, it’ll affect how long … Read more

Why Does My Saxophone Sound Airy?

Why Does my Saxophone Sound Airy

Once as beautiful as saxophones are, twice as complicated. These instruments can have up to 600 parts, which gives you intricate control over their sound, but also makes them liable to face a lot of hiccups and issues. Some of these have to do with the sound of the sax coming out airy, spitty, squeaky, … Read more

Cannonball Alto Saxophone Prices 2022 (All Models)

Cannonball Alto Saxophone Prices

Any Cannonball saxophone you’ll find for sale will cost you a handsome couple of bucks. And though, when you look at its incredible exterior design, you may already think it’s worth the money, is the Cannonball actually a worthy horn? Let’s delve into the details to decide on a final answer together. If you’re an … Read more

Why Are Saxophones So Expensive?

Why Are Saxophones So Expensive

It’s no secret that when you’re starting to learn something new, sometimes you’re not even aware of what you should be expecting. And that’s why, when you’re on the internet, browsing forums and articles to find the best saxophone, you’ll be discouraged by the price tags you’ll find. However, this shouldn’t be the case. The … Read more

Overtones vs. Fundamentals: Learn The Difference in Simple Words

First things first, when we say fundamentals vs. overtones, we’re talking about frequencies. Frequencies are divided into harmonics, partials, overtones and fundamentals. A fundamental frequency is the lowest frequency produced by the saxophone, or any instrument for the matter. Fundamental frequencies are also known as first harmonics, and that’s because a harmonic is the multiple … Read more

How to Growl on an Alto Sax (+ Video Tutorial)

How to Growl on an Alto Sax

To hit the best solos when you’re playing jazz, blues, or even some rock ‘n’ roll pieces, you have to know how to growl on an alto sax. A complete novice might think that this is a bit overwhelming, while a seasoned saxophonist or a professional would understand that it’s just a process that requires … Read more