Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds: Which is Better?

Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds

When it comes to reeds, the smallest details can make the biggest of differences. This includes being soft or hard, filed or unfiled, and of course, being made of plastic or wood. Plastic Reeds vs. Wood Reeds: The Short Answer Firstly, let’s tackle the fact that they can also be referred to as synthetic and … Read more

How to Growl on an Alto Sax (+ Video Tutorial)

How to Growl on an Alto Sax

To hit the best solos when you’re playing jazz, blues, or even some rock ‘n’ roll pieces, you have to know how to growl on an alto sax. A complete novice might think that this is a bit overwhelming, while a seasoned saxophonist or a professional would understand that it’s just a process that requires … Read more