The 4 Best High Pitch Saxophones on The Market (2021)

Best High Pitch Saxophones

If you’re looking for high pitch saxophones, you might as well just look for soprano saxophones, as these are the ones with the highest pitches. Whether you’re on an endeavor to replicate Charlie Parker’s masterpieces or embark on your own solos, a high-pitch, soprano sax is bound to serve you well. In this guide, I’ll … Read more

The 9 Best Alto Saxophones on The Market (2021)

Best Alto Saxophones

If you’re browsing the market and have gone through plenty of choices already that it’s starting to frustrate you, you’re going to make use of this guide for the best alto saxophones. Whether you’re looking to play some jazz, swing, chamber music, or you want the alto for a concert band, solo repertoire, marching band, … Read more

Selmer Bundy II Alto Saxophone Review (2021)

Selmer Bundy II Alto Saxophone Review

The Selmer Bundy II is one of those instruments that could give you professional-grade sound at an affordable price if you can fully service it. And while some people might say that you should simply save some more and opt for a newer model, some of us want a solid instrument at an affordable price. … Read more